Tuesday, 1 February 2011

From the mouths of babes...

There are rebellions all over the place. All we've seen in the UK so far are a few petulant students whining about losing their easy money and chanting anti-Semitic slogans at the bloke they used to regard as their leader. If you belong to the Righteous party, you can be as racist as you like and it's not racism. It's only racism if non-approved people do it. We haven't seen more than the street bleatings of underfed sheep so far.

We've seen a crazed professor dress up as Dracula and call himself 'anarchist', when a more appropriate term would be 'self-absorbed ass'. You'd think a professor would understand that the last thing an anarchist wants is more government action, but hardly anyone understands words these days. They're all just howls in the wind now. We'll soon be communicating with grunts and clubs again.

No, we haven't seen anything like the actions in Tunisia, Egypt and elsewhere here. We've only seen the spoiled and the truculent demanding their right to other people's money. Nobody has demonstrated about anything worth demonstrating for - until now.

Not students, not the middle class, not the universities, not the workers, not the taxpayers. It has taken schoolchildren to finally stand up to the nannying, arrogance and lies of the Righteous and say 'Enough!'

Oh, the school responds with the usual 'It didn't happen' rubbish but that doesn't work any more. This protest is not about money. It is about something that actually matters. The trigger was a small thing, a trivial matter, something that needed no interference from the control freakery of Righteous teachers but they just couldn't help themselves. The children are furious.

That fury is now spreading to their parents. And to their family. Their neighbours. Through newspapers, to the country.

It might fizzle out. These things usually do but each time, they take longer to fizzle out. Each time, they spread a bit further. Each time, they cause a little bit more rage than the one before.

This protest is notable for one thing. It's not about money. It's not about loans or banks or entitlement. In fact, it might be the first protest about common sense.

Sure, it might go nowhere this time, but it is one huge step in the right direction.

To see it in schoolchildren is to have at least some hope for the future of this country.


subrosa said...

Good for them and I hope they keep up the protest until those adults acquire some common sense.

I still sometimes link arms when out with girlfriends. We always did when youngsters. Old habits eh?

Joe said...

It's all part of the process, get us to the point where we no longer have physical contact with one another and it makes it easier to control us, then we'll all take our daily ration of Soma and be done.

will said...

Apparently pupils should have aired their grievance in the school council. If this institution is the same shambolic diversion for oppression that our 'democracy' is then who can blame them? This early lesson in the true nature of the master slave relationship may be the only learning of any value at this state indoctrination camp. This incident further highlights how we are conditioned from birth to accept the legitimacy of coercive authority. Nanny parents, nanny school, nanny state. Our entire lives are a master slave relationship. If you can't hold hands at school then of course you can't smoke, drink or spend your own earnings how you like.
The soul crushingly pro authority comments react as if this had been a destructive riot. I think a mob of hormonal teenagers are to be commended for not tearing the place up.
That the north Africans seem to be blindly headed toward reinstating a 'different' school council guarantees that they are doomed to repeat this error. No matter how we may try to restrain it, coercive authority always grows. Every hundred years or so the slaves might appear to rise up and prune it back, maybe even erect some canes in some hope of control but as sure as the incoming tide that plant will grow until it sucks up all the nutrients and blocks all the light from those under it. Democracy is an impossible dream.

PT Barnum said...

'[The headmaster] confirmed the school preferred that children were 'not too demonstrative towards each other' and said any seen acting in an 'overly familiar way' were dealt with in an 'appropriate and tactful way'.

What the Hell are these people thinking? How dare they? Common sense would draw a line at mutual masturbation at the back of the classroom or oral sex behind the bike sheds, but to forbid adolescents from forming ordinary close relationships with one another (girls linking arms or holding hands, boys with their arms thrown around each others' shoulders) is straight out of the 1984 Handbook for Dictators.

Oldrightie said...

Great post even greater demo!!

JuliaM said...

There's no common sense any more, PTB, especially in schools.

In two minds over this protest - yes, the spark was in response to a totally cretinous instruction, but still, not sure that protests and skipping lessons are the best way to combat this.

Dick Puddlecote said...

"We've seen a crazed professor dress up as Dracula and call himself 'anarchist'"

I've seen this bloke in person (see here in the top hat) and he's hilarious. I don't know how old he is but he's still using lefty jargon from the early 70s, it's like he left university but never grew up.

As for the school protest. The rule is another import from the US. A New England college recently enacted the very same thing.

Trooper Thompson said...


... could you just clarify where you're drawing this line? Is mutual masturbation at the back of the class before or after?

selsey.steve said...

I was in High School in the early sixties. There were rules which had to be obeyed, infraction got you 4 or 6 strokes of the Deputy Head's cane on your backside. Other than the immutable rules (no crossing the School Quadrangle ever, no smoking, no swearing, no 'uniform abuse', etc) we were left to our own devices.
Fights were 'legalised' by getting the boxing gloves from the PT Master and going three rounds on the sanctified turf of the Quad with the PT Master as referee.
The School produced many excellent alumni who went on to much greater things.
When I was at University I read the Deputy Head's obituary in the newspaper. I went to his funeral wearing my old school tie. I was one of over two hundred Old Boys who turned up to pay their last respects to a very fair man.
It is only in later life I have come to understand how we, the pupils, benefited from the imposition of some very strict rules, but were allowed to be combative young males at the same time. We were never stifled but God help you if you didn't raise your hat to the Head Master and say "Good Morning, Sir" and mean it!
Unbeknownst to me the girl who was later to become my wife attended the sister school to mine at the same time. Her schooling was very similar to mine (less the boxing gloves!).
We have tried to inculcate in our two daughters the same levels of politeness and respect which we were expected to have. We have also worked very hard to combat the insidious encroachment of Politically Correct thought taught to them at school. I think that we have succeeded, especially when I heard my younger daughter (aged 19) ranting at the TV, saying "Don't do that! Just get the fuck out of my life, will you?" to some pontificating politician.
Makes me proud!

w/v = mings!

PT Barnum said...

@ Trooper Thompson

I wasn't really thinking of either since the notion of what would constitute inappropriate touching was overtaken by remembering a boy in my class in the first year of grammar school who spent every lesson furiously wanking at the back of class and grinning wildly. This was not done dscretely. He never reappeared in the second year. Even in 1974 that behaviour wasn't quite right. Nowadays 47 child psychologists would descend upon him.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, I'm afraid LI. I hope that you do not mind.

On Sunday's topic, I raised the question of the output of one wind turbine.

I did some searching and found that my house alone uses the power output of one turbine, or, at least, the record breaking output of certain turbines in Denmark which were built in 2003.

The turbine produced 24 units per day. I use 22 units per day.

I have posted the calculations and other stuff on Sunday's post. I would be grateful if some one would check the calculations because I find the result incomprehensible.

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven! There was an error in my maths. I was led astray by unnits as measured by an electric meter. The units on my bill are kilowatts.

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